Say you want to send out an email to a person who fills out your form, like a thank you email or a voucher for your customer's next purchase - with email themes can create automatic customizable email send outs when somebody completes your form. If you want multiple customized mailouts based on different responses you will want to see Email Copy & Email Logic.

How To Create Email Themes

If you’d like to design your own email theme, hover over the green plus sign in the top left corner of the theme manager. Once you have hovered over the green plus button it will spin and give you two options; select > Email Theme. 

After clicking the Email Theme button you will be directed to the email theme creation page.

To give your Email Theme a name, click the 'Name' button which is located at the top left corner of the creation page. 

You’ll then see a variety of fields on the right of the page just like 'Form Themes':

Background Image — This image will display in the background of your email

Header Image — This image displays above the top of your email and is a great place to include a banner image.

Background Color — This color will only appear if you do not have a background image set.

Container Background Color — The background color of your container fields.

Header Text Color — The color of the header text

Body Text Color — The color of the main body text

Button Background — The main color of any buttons, including calendar and form submission buttons.

Button Text Color — The color of any text and icons that appear within a button.

Add Button URL —This option lets you link your button to a designated URL

Attach a document — Attach a PDF to your email template

Add Button URL

To add a url to your button, enter your url in the space under 'Add Button' in 'Button URL' then click to add the button.

After you have completed the customization process, click the Done button in the top right corner of the page, this will save your email template and bring you back to the email themes page. If you would like to duplicate the theme you have just created > highlight your selected theme and press copy. 

To make your theme live, slide the Public slider to the right until it is green in the top right corner next to Done. 

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