Forms, online surveys, and mailouts are an extension of your digital brand. Hundreds or thousands of customers may see your forms and emails, so it’s important that they fit with your broader brand guidelines — especially if you choose to embed a form on your website or blog or send out form specific emails. That’s why we built our themes option, allowing operators to incorporate custom information, graphics and color palettes into their forms and emails.  

Theme Manager

To start using the themes function, navigate to the Forms page in the menu in the left sidebar, then click Themes at the top of the page. 

After clicking the Themes button, you’ll end up in the Launchcloud Theme Manager, from here you can choose between creating by hovering over the green plus button or editing your form themes or customizing your email themes. These options will also show you any custom themes that you’ve created, as well as several pre-designed templates created by the Launchcloud team.

To delete a form, click in its checkbox and hit the “delete” button at the bottom of the page — but be careful, as the form will be permanently deleted! You can also duplicate a form in this way. We recommend duplicating a form before you edit its settings so that you can always revert to its original state if you’re not satisfied with your edits. To edit a form, just click the pencil icon to its right.

Making the themes

Form themes are a great way of making your form fit within your wider branding. It is especially useful if you are embedding a form on your website, sending out forms to customers or data capturing at events. You can customize your web themes in many ways ranging from; changing your header image, a wide range of fonts and a wide colour palette to choose from. Take a look at our Form Themes or Email Themes.

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