Launchcloud is the go to solution for mobile data capture. Anyone can create fantastic looking forms and distribute them to mobile devices. Using advanced user permissions, field based users can access these forms and capture information which is immediately ready to be viewed in graphs and tables in the online Launchcloud system.  All of this data can be downloaded, or fed into your internal systems, using the Launchcloud api feed.

What can I use Launchcloud for?

The Launchcloud tool box option, on the form creation page, opens up a multitude of possibilities for the building and customizing of data capture forms. Here are a few examples of how Launchcloud can enhance your business:-

  • Electronic sign in at exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Integration of Launchcloud with Salesforce for improved lead generation
  • Customized mailing list creation
  • Streamlined electronic reporting processes
  • Immediate access to customer feedback, market research and surveys
  • Enhanced internal ordering processes for items such as staff uniforms
  • Easily accessible inventory and stock lists
  • Simplification of staff training and tests
  • Immediate media collection for forms and reports

Why would I want to use Launchcloud?

The founders of Launchcloud are experienced in data capture, and they know just how important it is for your business, on a day-to-day basis. They are also aware that data capture methods have previously tended to be time consuming and expensive. From this knowledge has come the creation of Launchcloud; a more efficient and cost effective solution. With Launchcloud you can create forms and share them across mobile devices, then simultaneously capture data from every mobile device. This data is then converted into useful quantified information, that you can view in the Launchcloud system, download and integrate with your systems, and use to make informed, timely and accurate business decisions.

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